Prepping for DrupalCon Amsterdam Sprints and Mentoring

Submitted by davidhernandez on Mon, 09/29/2014 - 16:38

Here we go!

DrupalCon Amsterdam is happening now, and, in keeping with the spirit of a Drupal event, there will be lots of sprinting! If you are interested in contributing—and we encourage you do so—there are many resources online and onsite at the event. If you have never contributed before, don’t fret or assume you don’t have the skills necessary to contribute. Many of the projects being worked on need people experienced with coding, design, user experience, testing, project management, writing, dev ops, or just plain helping-hands.


Check the DrupalCon Amsterdam website for the sprint schedule and location information. Sprinting will occur at all hours and at multiple locations. Also, keep an eye on the BoF schedule for events about mentoring and triaging novice issues.

The website is the starting point for most resources. There you can find information on ways to get involved, core mentoring, setting up a local develoment environment using the Drupal Community Tools setup, how to navigate the issue queue, and new contributor tasks.


Throughout DrupalCon Amsterdam there will be a Core Mentoring booth in the Exhibit Hall, staffed by volunteers; booth 415, near the Drupal store. If you want to volunteer to mentor, need additional information on being mentored, or have questions about contributing, stop by the booth. The friendly volunteers will be happy to answer your questions.

Friday, after the conference, there will be an all-day sprint. Drupal core, contributed modules and themes, and even will be worked on.

  • First-Time Sprinter Workshop
    If you are a first-time contributor, or need additional help setting up your computer, attend the half-day First-time Sprinter Workshop. It is held during the morning of the Friday sprint. Mentors will be on-hand to help you get set up, and to learn about the various tools used for contributing. If you do not have a Drupal 8 development environment ready, which is Drupal 8 installed from the git repository, please attend this workshop. Having a separate location for helping people with computer issues allows the mentors in the sprint room to focus on those that are ready to start working.
  • Mentored Core Sprint
    The mentored sprint is where new contributors can come and get mentored help. Mentors will be on hand to help you get set up, navigate, find issues you are interested in, and work through the process of contributing. All skill levels and roles are welcome. This is not a developer-only event. If you do not yet have a Drupal 8 development environment, you should attend the First-Time Sprinter Workshop, then come here.
  • Sprints
    Experienced contributors are encouraged to attend the all-day sprints. Contributors form groups to work on key initiatives, or you can form your own. 

Sprint leads, mentors, and experienced contributors

Before the conference week begins, please update your issues! If you have easier issues, tag them “Novice”. Also, review your issues to see if they are missing any other appropriates tags, especially ones that less-experienced contributors, or non-developers, can help with. For example: rerolls, manually testing, change notice updates, or documentation.

We will be triaging the issue queue throughout the week. If you are interested in helping, we have at least one BoF scheduled to discuss issues and pick out ones appropriate for the Friday event.