Jersey Short Sprint very productive

Submitted by YesCT on Fri, 07/25/2014 - 15:30 was a great event.

Picture of all of us wearing Drupal shirts
One night on the way to dinner, we took a picture of all of us wearing Drupal shirts: me, kgoel, weal, crowdcg, wheatpenny, pwolanin.

The Jersey Shore Sprint had great local organizers, and all I had to do was show up. I was able to focus on working. And one of the best parts: was I worked on something I didn't yet know a lot about. So I learned a ton.

Reading the menu links part 1 took all of the days. Mostly I fixed up the docs and nits, opened child issues for @todo's and did the "get the issue (summary) ready thing". While reading the patch and fixing little things I also found a couple of actual small functional bugs that we fixed which was cool. Thanks @kgoel for working with us on that, and also a big thanks to @pwolanin for constant patience and explanations.

See also the Jersey Shore sprint write-up which has more details. And @kgoel's write up.

People sprinting.
Sprinting: Ryan Weal, kgoel, Cathy Theys, davidhernandez, pwolanin.

It was great to sprint with everyone: kgoel, davidhernandez, Ryan Weal, cilefen, crowdcg, victoru, ijf8090, wheatpenny, dags, Elijah Lynn, scottrigby, mkorostoff, pwolanin.