Design Patterns for Working with Humans

Submitted by YesCT on Fri, 08/26/2016 - 12:37

I gave the talk, Design Patterns for Working with Humans, at DrupalCorn (Aug 4-7 2016).

Summary of Steps

  • Consider what people are saying may have actually happened
  • Listen by: being quiet, wait, listen more, share details they told you back so they know you heard things
  • Prepare for wait time: establish a time period and method for responding
  • Research during wait time
  • And,
    • In responding: share research, ideas of next steps, ask what would be an ideal outcome
    • Immediate action
    • Action to make systemic change for long term effect

References / Inspiration / Background

Missing references

  • Twitter experiment of follow X people different than self for Y days